ODI Leeds


ODI Leeds would not be possible without its sponsors. We started out with a plan to to take the promise of open data and the world leading work of Data Mill North and to become the catalyst for action for good across Leeds and the City Region. To be successful we need to do this with partners and use the ODI HQ brand and the access to resources it provides.

We thank all our sponsors as your help has provided us with a platform to establish ourselves and develop into an organisation that can make a real long-term difference.

What our sponsors have to say about us:

We like ODILeeds because they do catalytic collaboration
Alex Craven, Bloom
It has a good network of contacts and wide reach
David Gill, West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Place to find people who want to collaborate on data
Jane Bilous, Bradford City Council
Great space and friendly atmosphere that is actually more about people than it is about data
Paul Simpkin, Arup
It provides a potential catalyst for culture change
Simon Greaves, Calderdale Council

What does being an ODI Sponsor mean?

Our sponsors get a range of benefits from being part of the ODILeeds network including:

  • Presence on ODILeeds website
  • Promotion on social media
  • Corporate membership of ODIHQ
  • Networking opportunities - invites to all ODI events, membership of the advisory board group, inclusion at ODILeeds Showcase events
  • Free use of the space for co-working and small meetings
  • Discounted hire rates for larger events
  • Access to challenge team and innovation consultancy
  • Regular blogs, newsletters, updates on ODIHQ and ODILeeds
  • And and and...

How do I become a sponsor?

Simple come and talk to us we will be able to help.