ODI Leeds

Open data

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. ODI Leeds works collaboratively with Data Mill North and Calderdale Data Works to publish open data.

Data Mill North

Data Mill North is a collaborative website originally set up by Leeds City Council in March 2014 as Leeds Data Mill. The aim was to tackle the challenge of increasing demands and decreasing resources in Leeds. In August 2016 it became Data Mill North and aims to be the best open data site and harness the skills and creativity across the entire region. Bradford City Council are now also using this site as their open data repository and other councils in the region are showing interest.

Calderdale Data Works

Calderdale Data Works is owned and managed by Calderdale Council. Calderdale Data Works provides open data which is freely available and can be used by anyone to use and republish, without restrictions. The Data Works are a founding member of the Open Data institute Leeds and are working closely with us and other partners on a range of Open Data projects.